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Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's too darn hot

We've had a run of hot weather. It's been over 30 degrees for over a week. On Thursday it was the school swimming carnival. I was judging which meant standing at the end of the pool in the sun for all of my duty on a day which was over 40 degrees. But I am still knitting...and crocheting. I have taken up the hook for the first time to make a garment for over twenty years. In the mean time crochet has become more attractive (although some of the patterns I am itching to make are from back in the dim dark ages when I last crocheted to make something as opposed to teaching my daughter to crochet for her Textiles Major Project last year).

I have finished the funky baby blanket and I'm now working on a cotton top (knitted), a lacy coverup (crocheted) and a shawl (knitted). A top in a viscose/linen mix is taking a long time to decide on - thought I had the stitch sorted but after most of a ball's knitting it's back to the drawing board again. I'm desperate to get into something to finish quickly (I want something for me: NOW!). I think the knitted top or the crochet are the likeliest candidates.


  1. I was thinking you must be south of the equator. Every blog post I read is complaining about the snow and cold.

    Blanket looks good.

  2. Thanks I am very pleased with it. I am also really glad I persevered in the heat because although the baby it is intended for was not due for well over a month, he has already been born by emergency caesar.
    Yes I am in Australia (but luckily in a part that has so far escaped the natural disasters which plague the country at the moment) so it is summer and we have had a heatwave longer and hotter than I can remember.


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