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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blanket Progress

Funky baby blanket
Today is Australia Day. It is very hot and predicted to get up to 38 degrees Celsius. What am I doing? Knitting a blanket of course! It's over 34 degrees already outside but I am cowering out of the heat in the airconditioning and trying to complete my sock yarn baby blanket before the end of the holidays (one day to go). I have two squares to go and then the edge. I am writing the pattern up as I go and it will be available from here when I'm done. I will be ready for the challenge of a more complicated pattern when it's over that's for sure.


  1. Knitting in 38 degrees? You're a hero. Here it's somewhere around 10 degrees, I guess, so knitting and keeping warm is the thing to do.

  2. Well I did stay inside with the airconditioning! It was too hot to go to any of the Australia Day things but we did watch fireworks over Newcastle Harbour the night before and all the boats in procession in the twilight all twinkly after the blessing of the fleet. All to the accompaniment of music on a barge.


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