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Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Beret

I have finished another beret. This time however it is my own design. I was too lazy to do the maths so I started off with 144 stitches and just knitted in different patterns, increased a bit and then decreased at various points and then secured at the end : easy! I had three colours of 4ply alpaca bought at the Markets and I wanted to put them together so it was a fair isle style. And I think it looks pretty fabulous.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage yarn knits

Fair Isle Beret by Fiona McTague
Way back when Grace Brothers had a yarn department I bought wool to make a fair isle jumper. It was a jumper for Paul so I bought heaps (this was before yardages were printed on ball bands). Needless to say I have been hauling it around the state since. I have finally used some of it knitting Dad's knee rug and a beret for me. The colours look fantastic if I do say so myself and I am very pleased with the way both projects have turned out.

Princess squares blanket by Pam Allen

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bags of Bows

Finally made up the bag I finished knitting in April. I am quite pleased with it. It's made from Moda Vera Tucano a wool/bamboo blend sadly discontinued. A simple rectangle folded, the pattern is the Mallory Bag in Creative Knitting.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Stash really!

Ros was really pleased with the stole - it even co-ordinated with the dress she was wearing when I gave it to her so she wore it straightaway. One successful present. Then she put in an order for the shrug I was wearing (the frilly lilac one) for Christmas so I'm on a winner with the knitting presents idea as far as she is concerned.

I am now working on a rug for Dad which is a huge stashbuster, using up yarn I bought to make Paul a fair isle jumper back in the 90s some time. It is the Princess squares rug from Designer Knitting and I think it's looking pretty fabulous already (this picture is how it looks after 5 days knitting).

It is proving to be a very quick knit all in garter stitch and a little a time as it's modular. The really horrible thing will be the ends at the end (won't think about that). The original pattern calls for 6 contrast colours but I had 8 so that's what I'm using so I used my own schematic and I'll have to do more rows I think to make it suitable for a knee rug. I'm planning to add a border with Dad's name in it so it's obvious for the nursing home.
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