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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby blue

Another project complete and it isn't purple! Erika Knight's lacy top from Glamour Knits. I made it in Spotlight's cheap copy of kidsilk haze (kidmohair blend) and again regret that this was a one season yarn  (and that I didn't buy a whole lot more colours). It was an easy lace pattern and could easily pass as a vintage design. The original had shorter sleeves and a picot edging on the bottom edge as well as the neck but since I had used a cable cast on I thought picking up the stutches would be difficult and I liked the look of the edge as it was.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Purple Prose

I am sensing a theme building up in my projects. Purple (or related colours) is taking over. Have a look at my two latest projects: Another Frilly Scarf and Among the Blooming Heather.

Another frilly scarf

Among the blooming heather

Of course my crocheted vest was in this colour spectrum too and even my previous project, the make up purse, had purple in among the 'multi'. Of course it is my favourite colour so it's no real surprise but it might be a good idea to broaden my range. I know, I'll make a present for my nephew, I won't be using purple for that!
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