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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The beauty of a stash

Sometimes I think it's not so bad to have a huge stash. Any time you need a gift you are sure to find something to turn to the occasion. In the last week I have made a pair of slippers for my granddaughter and a makeup purse for my daughter-in-law. Neither required the purchase of any yarn. The slippers came about because it is Easter Sunday today and I needed an Easter gift which wasn't chocolate (not a good idea to post even in Autumn). Bunny slippers seemed a good idea and the resultant pair have been named Fluffy and Squishy (although I don't know which is which!)

The makeup purse used a ball of novelty yarn which I had been going to use as stripes in a scarf. I think it makes a cheerful and feminine gift.

Even better, both gifts are my own designs and so completely unique (I love that the slippers used leftovers from a jumper I made for my son to create something for his daughter). Knitting is fantastic.
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