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Monday, April 26, 2010

Knitting in Vogue

I am so excited! I have finally managed to complete my collection of Knitting in Vogue books. I have had Knitting in Vogue 2 & 3 since they came out but I borrowed number one from the library, copied all the patterns I thought I'd do and never bought the book (a decision the copyright police side of my professional self deeply regrets and thinks it serves me right that I couldn't get the book). Now of course it is so easy to find a second hand book that you want in a bookshop on the other side of the world and I bought it when I found it. Yay! And of course now that I have it there are beautiful patterns that I want to do and add to my queue on Ravelry that I hadn't copied.


  1. I agree - there are lots of great patterns in these books, well worth re-visiting. Must admit I rely on the copies in my local library too. (Lack of bookshelf space...)

  2. I can't say bookshelf space is abundant at our place either but I have got the knitting book bug again after having it in hand for twenty years. I have the new Trisha Malcolm Vogue Knitting Vintage Collection as well but it's not nearly as good as the Probert ones.


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